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Rocky Heron in Person & Live Online in Berlin

Yoga is evolving, and it’s time to upgrade your practice and teaching with Rocky Heron!

Looking to empower yourself with the skills to evolve your practice and teaching in the direction of diverse and intelligent strength? Are you ready to map your own creative pathways into increased mobility and movement possibilities?

If so, then you are ready to join international master instructor Rocky Heron for an illuminating and transformative learning opportunity. The key to physical health is diversity of movement.

Rocky teaches yoga workshops all over the world. This program is for dedicated yoga students who want to take some extra time to explore postures in a meaningful, refined, methodical way and learn practical strategies for building strength, flexibility and focus.

Rocky Heron – Vinyasa Flow Intensive Berlin

Creative Vinyasa strategies

As vinyasa becomes more common, quality varies greatly. Vinyasa classes resemble fitness classes (remember aerobics?) more than ever before, and the spectrum of “vinyasa culture” seems to grow by the hour.

Rocky´s events explore how to safely and effectively create the flow state your students crave, while providing you with knowledge, strategies and techniques to set your students up for success.

Embody your own most effective and powerful teacher and the quality and integrity of your offering will be magnetic and magical. Expect strong intermediate practices each day with Rocky to further develop your own asana practice and understanding of pose architecture.

Many of us have come to associate a sun salutation, breath-based practice with yoga. While there are many profound benefits to the structure and sequencing of this typical vinyasa approach, there are some limits and deficiencies as well.

Topics include:


  • Multi-Level sequencing approach to set your students up for success
  • Powerful yet unconventional movements that thread seamlessly into practice
  • Fun and innovative use of props and how to weave them into flow class
  • Pranayama and flow state
  • How to both train and express mobility in a vinyasa practice
  • Integrating science with creativity in your sequencing
  • Peak pose vs. Peak Sequence Templates
  • How to teach so that your students actually learn
  • The Art of demonstration in a vinyasa class
  • Pose Analysis: engagement vs. alignment
  • Creating mixed level options that empower instead of overwhelm
  • Much more!

Morning asana sessions tend to be upbeat, with an emphasis on standing postures, backbends, arm balances and/or vinyasa flow. We turn inward as the sun wanes to forward bends, inversions and restorative postures. Students can expect to leave this program with a deeper, more expansive practice, and know how best to grow your yoga practice in the context of her/his own limits and boundaries.


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