Shanta Vira Yoga mit Michael J. Stewart


Michael J. Stewart hat ein Sankalp, eine Intention:  „actively being human“. Darum geht es in Shanta Vira Yoga: Die Verbindung von Yoga mit dem eigenen kreativen Ausdruck. Dafür gibt es eine Praxis, ein Sadhana, das wir Tantric Hatha Yoga nennen. Entdecke mit Michael die Geheimnisse des ganzheitlichen Shanta Vira Yoga!



Retreat: Shanta Vira Yoga: Pranayama & Mantras


May 8 – 10, 2020 (20 hours)

In this very unique and special training program, Michael offers an in depth investigation into the elements of Pranayama and Mantra. Both these subtle elements of our Yoga practice require in-depth study with clear concise instructions and committed practice. In the course of the training we will learn all the necessary steps to practice and teach a variety of Pranayama with the assistance of Bandas, and a clear methodology for understanding Mantras and how to share these with our students.

Who can attend to the program?
We strongly recommend this program to anyone, who wants to learn pranayama and mantra practices, as well as the benefits and detailed practice tecnics.
Also, we recommend the program especially to teachers who want to offer a deeper yoga practice to their students with the inclusion of Pranayama and Mantras.

Below is a breakdown of what will be learned in our time together:

Pranayama Intensive
1) Kriyas: 4 practices of Nauli
2 practices of Kapphala bhati
Agni Sara, Jala Neti
2) Bandas: Mula Banda , Uddiyana Banda, Jalandhara Banda
3) Anatomy for Bandas and Pranayamas
4) Pancha Vayus
5) Pranayama: 5 different Pranayama Techniques and Benefits

Mantras Intensive
a) Sanskrit Alphabet Pronunciation
b) Types; Bija, Devotional, Energetic, Invocations
c) Techniques of Recitation
d) Learn Specific Mantra; Meaning and Uses
Mahamritunjaya, Surya Gayatri, Guru Mantras, Panchakshara


Schedule: Friday 4:30 pm to sunday 4:30 pm

Location: Naturhaus Schorfheide

Participation fee: 350 Euro, plus room and board: Double Room from 160 Euro/person, Single Room (only 5 available) 230 Euro. 


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Shanta Vira Yoga Introduction


August 28 – 30, 2020 (20 hours)


Shanta Vira Yoga is a complete and total practice designed by Michael J. Stewart to invite every practitioner to engage in “actively being human.” Shanta Vira Yoga intends for each practitioner to embrace all of the qualities of being human with emphasis on the source and the fruit of the two words in its name, the calm courage of the peaceful warrior — “Shanta”- serene, and “Vira”- hero.

Schedule: Fri. 2.30 – 9.30 pm / Sat. 9 am – 6.30 pm, Sun. 9 am – 5.30 pm

Fee: 350 Euro (Package price for Introduction +  Teacher`s Intensive: 1000 Euro)


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Shanta Vira Yoga Teacher`s Intensive


Date will be announced here soon (40 hours)


In this teacher`s intensive we will look into the methodology for the practice of Shanta Vira Yoga.

This detailed sadhana includes practices from Hatha Yoga; asana and pranayama, Tantric Hatha Yoga; mudras, mantras, nyasa, dharana, and dhayana. Creative Expression is the next element that we will delve into, using Writing your Soul, Expressive Movement, Vocal Expression, Trust Exercises and Kirtan.

The final piece that makes Shanta Vira Yoga is Active Community Participation. This essential aspect will be explored daily through Satsang.


Michael´s goals for you and your personal growth:

The first is to Empower each individual with the necessary tools to deepen their personal sadhana.

The second is to educate the practitioners in the specifics of Shanta Vira Yoga.

Third is to Develop future Shanta Vira Yoga teachers.


  • Methodology: Teaching – Sequencing – Pacing
  • Anatomy: Alignment for Shanta Vira Yoga – Pelvic Girdle – Shoulder Girdle – Bio Mechanics of Asana
  • Philosophy: Shri Vidya Tantra – Rajanaka Tantra – Shanta Vira
  • Mantra: Meaning – Pronunciation – Sanskrit Alphabet – Creativity Modalities – Expressive Movement – Ecstatic Voice – Writing your Soul – Kirtan
  • Trust Exercises: Pushing Hands – Walk of Faith – Healing Touch
  • Community: Listening – Speaking – Doing


Schedule: Mon. 2 – 9 pm / Tue. – Sat. 7 am –  8 pm (including breaks) / Sun. until 2 pm

Fee: 650 Euro, if you just participate the event during the weekend you only pay 350 Euro! 

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The three Levels of Shanta Vira Yoga

Level one is Tantric Hatha Yoga. This is the part that resembles what we mostly consider to be ‘yoga”. Tantric Hatha Yoga allows us the opportunity to know ourselves on a variety of levels. We build this relationship from the outer form of the physical body to more subtle aspects of our being. Here there will be ample time to delve into the alignment aspect of Asana, in relation to the other parts of the practice. These are Pranayama, with Bandas. Mudras and Mantras.

In Level two we will recognize an important aspect of being Human. This is Creativity. Most other species Create out of necessity whereas we human beings Create because we want to, which is quite a unique quality. If this is truly one of our unique gifts then exploring it will certainly bring us close to this condition we call being Human. In this Level we will explore a variety of Creative techniques to connect us to this joyful part of ourselves.

Level three involves our co-participation in the world of our choosing, through Community Service. This perhaps is the most challenging aspect of Shanta Vira Yoga, but absolutely one that needs exposing and understanding. Community Service, sometimes called Seva will be expanded upon through Satsang.

My intention through this offering is to bring all the aspects of Shanta Vira Yoga to the conversation and make it as accessible as possible. We will end our weekend together with joyful practice of Kirtan.


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