Teacher Trainings at YCBA


Join a teacher training and become part of our growing YogaCircle Berlin Academy family!


Our teacher trainings take Place in the YCBA-studios, which are located in the famous Berlin area „Prenzlauer Berg“. We are surrounded by organic supermarkets, vegan cafes, smoothie culture, eco fashion boutiques as well as lovely vietnamese, portugese, french and so many more restaurants – all very affordable and easy to go. Not to our wonder, students from all over Europe regularly fall in love with us!

In this surrounding we aspire to make you feel as welcome and home as possible, offering space to rest between training hours, our pink kitchen to store your special food and linger and chat over free tea.

But then – we are on a „mission“:

Train teachers to teach „good“ Yoga. Whaaaat???

Well, we deeply respect the abundance of Yoga traditions and styles but during these last years we realised we can enhance your knowledge whichever style you come from!


So what do we call „good“ Yoga?

Teaching asana: Leaving your students empowered, aligned and well (for example: no slipped disks after some years of practicing asana)

As regards philosophy: No Guru. You have the Guru within yourself. Maybe your inner Guru tells you to turn to someone for her or his special knowlege and make her your Guru for that topic. But not for your life. We cannot deliver that. We totally respect someones need for guidance and a Guru who tells him what to do in every aspect in her or his life – but that’s not us.

Concerning the many aspects of Hatha Yoga in its more modern sense (not the american classification as a non-brand style): Yes, we embrace and teach Pranayama, Mantra, Mudra, Meditation and Philosophies (mark the plural).

So: What else makes the trainings in YogaCircle Berlin Academy special/different? Our trainings are different from many training programs that we are familiar with, as we aren’t training teachers to just teach one sequence or one type of class. Furthermore our curriculum is broad based and deeply influenced by our excellent teachers and especially by Jordan Bloom and Noah Maze. As a result we train students to teach many different types of yoga classes, from alignment/anatomically based classes and workshops, to rhythmic and dynamic vinyasa flow classes.


What is a Teacher Training?

Students receive a rigorous and detailed curriculum, not just in yoga asana, teaching and leadership skills, but in yoga history and philosophy, myth and story telling, esoteric inner practices (such as mudra, mantra, meditation), as well as anatomy and kinesiology. With this intention our trainings emphasize experiential educational methods to maximize the trainee’s understanding and education. Our teaching practicum focuses on transferable skills and involve specific progressive lessons so that each trainee understands and learns the skills and techniques of teaching postural yoga classes and graduates the training with many tools and skills to teach. We think these facts make our trainings special and different….but of course we are biased. Join us and come see for yourself!


Here you find more information about the Level I / 200hrs and the Level II / 300hrs teacher training.


Our 500+ h Teacher Training meets the requirements of BDY and consists of a total of 720 teaching units.

Hatha-Yoga 200 TU

• relaxation and body awareness
• Asana, Karana/Vinyasa, Kriya
• breathing exercises, Pranayama and Bhandas
• Mantras, Mudras

Meditation 50 TU

• concentration
• Yoga-Meditation based on classical texts
• introduction to different forms of meditation
• development of an own meditation practice

Form of teaching 80 TU

• didactics and methods of teaching yoga
• Planning and analysing classes and courses
• Voice, language, communication
• observation and adjustment
• Dealing with groups
• Sequencing for Vinyasa and alignment classes

Psychology 50 TU

• self-perception and external perception
• Yoga teachers as group leaders
• conversation for yoga teachers
• emotional body therapy

Practical training 50 TU

For the practical training in level I you need to participate in at least 10 introductory classes of other attendees including 10 moderations and 1 introductory class held by yourself.

Introductory classes represent a beginners class of 45 minutes. Afterwards the class will be discussed in the group.

Medical groundwork 100 TU

• motor system
• Breathing, cardiovascular system
• nervous system and endocrine system
• digestive system and excretory organs
• biomechanics

History, Philosophy and source texts of Yoga 130 TU

• Basics of Sanskrit
• History of India and the development of Yoga to this day
• Personalities and traditions of Yoga
• Veda, Upanishads philosophy of Vedanta
• Samkya-Philosophy
• Yogasutra of Patanjali
• Bhagavadgita
• Tantric Yoga und Hatha-Yoga-texts
• Rajanaka-Yoga

Ethics and Philosophy 40 TU

• world religions, mysticism, spirituality
• Western philosophy
• Ethics in profession and daily life
• Sattya

Career guidance 20 TU

• job description, professional field
• business start-up, financial planning
• Marketing
• management of energy


Certificates for our teacher trainings


540 hours: YCBA 540 hours plus Yoga Alliance 500 hours

500 hours: Yoga Alliance 500 hours.

300 / 340 hours: Yoga Alliance 300 hours / YCBA Level II, 340 hours.

200 hours: YCBA  Level I 200 hours & Yoga Alliance 200 hours (by guest teacher).

Continuing Education: 20/27 hours & 40/50 hours


Do not hesitate to write us an email with all of your questions or use this form