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Teacher Training Noah Mazé

300 hours advanced Yoga Teacher Training with Noah Mazé (Yoga Alliance)

January 13 – September 26, 2020


Study with a world class teacher with a tantric heart

Dates for 2020: January 13 – 18 / March 9 – 13 / May 25 – 30 / July 27 – August 1 / September 21 – 26

Times: Monday 10 am – 6 pm, Tuesday to Fri 9 am – 5 pm

Unlock and unleash your yoga teaching potential. Our 300 hour yoga teacher trainings boast the highest caliber of yoga education. We challenge and educate you to better know yourself as a teacher and grow your capacity from your ability to make sound decisions based on your needs, as well as the needs of your students. This training will challenge you to investigate the why of how you teach, and ask questions that may not have occurred to you to consider, so that you can ultimately deliver your own lessons and curriculum with clarity and confidence. Geared toward existing yoga teachers who are ready to increase efficacy and potency, we provide you with tools that dramatically improve your knowledge, clarity, and focus. Expect to enhance your existing skills, and put them to more productive use; as well as dive into new territory. We have designed curriculum that yields graduates who are able to deepen their current repertoire, and expand on it. Our aim is to see your strengths, meet you where you are, and support your unique direction and growth.



You have already completed a foundational 200hours yoga teacher training and want to deepen your knowledge and practice of teaching yoga!



The curriculum was developed by Noah Mazé to enhance your understanding of yoga and your abilities as a teacher. It is his aim to improve quality, authenticity and efficiency of yoga classes and trainings worldwide.
The 300 hours yoga teacher training consists of five modules á six days plus online training with Noah Mazé. He teaches in english. Included in the course fee are the online trainings „Teaching Yoga poses 3.0“ and „Teaching Intermediate Poses“, which are a prerequisite for the teacher training.



So while Noah`s method does have methods for sequencing, adjusting, demonstrating, and observing, classes are more varied than at a typical yoga school. Noah doesn’t advocate one way of teaching. “Perhaps there will be a class with no lunges, or no cat-cows, or no salutations—or the sequences may be different to a standard vinyasa sequence depending on the class,” he says.
To sum up it’s a diversity of yoga—not for diversity’s sake, but rather to have the freedom and experience for teachers to tailor a class that engages students and brings them what they are looking for. As Noah has learned: “I love vinyasa flow, and the discipline and stamina and focus that it brings. But in alignment-based classes I learn more about each pose, and how the asanas link together, and how props can be of use. To pick just one style means robbing students of what they may need.”

As a result the 300 hours yoga teacher training is very broad as well as deep.Merken


What Trainees say about Noah

„The quality of teaching I have received from The Mazé Method is so excellent, thorough, encouraging and wise. I am truly blessed by this experience. I am Noah’s forever student.“

„Noah was the most excellent teacher I have had in recent experience. He was precise, informative, encouraging, warm and wise. He brought out the best in us – on every level.“

What Noah says about his Teacher Trainings 

“There is a lot to learn, and I want students to be informed, but also thoughtful and questioning what they have heard in order to make their own decisions”

“What is important to me is that teachers don’t come away from training parroting sound bites or New-Age quotes, but that they become critical thinkers and use yoga to explore their assumptions and be prepared to have their minds changed.”




At the end of the 300 hours teacher training you receive the Yoga Alliance 500h certificate

In addition you may upgrade your Yoga Alliance 500h to the YCBA 540h certificate. This is of high value if you plan to teach in Germany and instruct „Krankenkassen“- courses!


Find out more about teaching Yoga in Germany and about the Health Insurance Certificate in Sharada Devi´s  Video: 


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300+ Hours Yoga teacher training


Meet our teacher Noah (here with his wife Tracy Silver-Mazé, the organizational super power behind Noah’s excellence) – this shot was taken in 2016 at the last day of an epic 300hours TT with Noah in Berlin. Everybody tired but super happy!



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