Therapeutic Yoga with Jordan Bloom


  • How can we increase mobility and reduce injuries and pain?
  • What training will support our posture and improve and optimize movement patterns?
  • Why do our joints look the way they look?
  • Why do we have muscles on certain areas, not on others and what do we need them for?


In this day and age every appliance and machine comes with a user guide. Yet we humans, with all our complexity come without one. We learn and mature through mimicry, assume that those we copy have got it right. But what would happen if we did have access to a user guide. What would the possibilities be? How would life be different?

Join Jordan Bloom, the Modern Yogi to share his incredible knowledge of biomechanics, therapeutic yoga and complexity of our bodies and movement patterns!


Jordan Bloom vor blauem Hintergrund Portrait - YogaCircle Berlin


Yoga Therapeutics & Fascia Training (40h)


December 11 – 15, 2019
Language: English
Schedule: 9.30 am – 5.30 pm, Sunday until 5pm

The human body is a marvel of evolution and engineering. It is capable of not only enormous feats of strength and a virtually infinite array of movement patterns, but also maintaining itself long into the later years of life with resiliency and vitality. Yet most people experience a slow gradual breakdown of their bodies assuming this is the inevitable and normal trajectory of life. Through modern understanding we now know that this is not necessarily the case. We now know that bodies do not inevitably break down because of age and time but rather because of sub-optimal and unsustainable movement patterns – what is called movement dysfunction. In the 21st century, we have the ability to turn back the tide and restore healthy and optimal movement patterns that can not only heal injuries and other physical maladies, but change the very movement patterns that caused them in the first place. Thus restoring us back to vibrant health.

In this training you will learn:


  • models to understand movement dysfunction and its causes
  • how to mobilize the body in effective and efficient ways
  • biomechanical principles and their application to deal with injuries, limitations and chronic conditions
  • the three aspects of movement, and how to use them as diagnostic tools
  • how to create individualized treatment protocols for ourselves and others


This training is recommended for people of all ages and backgrounds, with a strong interest and desire to learn techniques of self-care and healthy movement as well as using movement as a means to heal from physical injuries and return the body to a normal pain free state. Open to all students of yoga (minimum one year of practice) and teachers of yoga, as well as coaches and all medical professionals.

Participation Fee: 750€ 

Education Bonus possible. The seminar can be acknowledged as an optional module for the 340 hours Advanced Yoga Teacher Training.



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What others have said about Jordan’s workshops

I never thought, I could bend my knee ever again; and that without pain! Doctors had long given up. I am just so grateful. (Sabine)

A workshop with Jordan will change your life. You won’t see the world as it was before; nothing is at it used to be; all has changed. It starts with your perception and then you can’t even walk up the stairs without thinking about your proper alignment. Incredible! Suddenly migraines and backpains are history; or now you know the causes. Once you meet Jordan and his devout teaching style, you only just started getting to your answers. You will just have to come back from more answers. Bit by bit the circle closes and all makes sense. (Manu)


About Jordan: Jordan Bloom, originally from South Africa and US based, is an internationally renowned movement educator and yoga teacher. He is trained in biomechanics, mobility, posture and treatment of movement dysfunction. Jordan is an incredible educator who shares his knowledge with great passion, humor that makes any training and workshop with him filled with as much insights as laughter.

Jordan’s teachings are based on a blend of learnings form the past, the great traditions with latest scientific research and modern insight into our physiology.  He has travelled the last 15 years to work with movement students and professionals to empower them with self-care and self-reliance.

Join us at YCBA to study with Jordan!.



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