300+ Hours Yoga teacher training

300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training (english)/ Level II

Deepen your knowledge and practice of yoga and do your 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training at YogaCircle Berlin Academy! You have already completed a foundational teacher training and want to deepen your knowledge and practice of yoga?

Then our level II / 300 hours teacher training is right for you!

In German with Sharada Devi and Thomas Bessel, see our German Website.

In English we are proud to host famous and internationally acknowledged NOAH MAZE as our guest teacher. Noah Mazé is a WORLD CLASS TEACHER WITH A TANTRIC HEART!

Become a part of an exclusive group of committed teachers and introduce the YOGAMAZÉ method in Germany and Europe! The YOGAMAZÉ 300 hours yoga teacher training will raise you – concerning your understanding of yoga in theory and practice – to a completely new level.
You will systematically work on your teaching techniques and find them improved sustainably. With compassion and clarity Noah will support and encourage you on this way!
At the end of the 300 hours yoga teacher training you receive a certificate of yoga alliance (300/500hrs) as well as a YogaCircle Berlin Academy certificate upon consultation.

Structure of the 300 hours teacher training:

The YOGAMAZÉ curriculum was developed by Noah Mazé to enhance your understanding of yoga and your abilities as a teacher. It is his aim to improve quality, authenticity and efficiency of yoga classes and trainings worldwide.
The 300 hours yoga teacher training consists of five modules á six days plus online training with Noah Mazé. He teaches in english. Included in the course fee are the online trainings „Teaching Yoga poses 3.0“ and „Teaching Intermediate Poses“, which are a prerequisite for the teacher training.


So while YOGAMAZÉ does have methods for sequencing, adjusting, demonstrating, and observing, classes are more varied than at a typical yoga school. Noah doesn’t advocate one way of teaching. “Perhaps there will be a class with no lunges, or no cat-cows, or no salutations—or the sequences may be different to a standard vinyasa sequence depending on the class,” he says.
To sum up it’s a diversity of yoga—not for diversity’s sake, but rather to have the freedom and experience for teachers to tailor a class that engages students and brings them what they are looking for. As Noah has learned: “I love vinyasa flow, and the discipline and stamina and focus that it brings. But in alignment-based classes I learn more about each pose, and how the asanas link together, and how props can be of use. To pick just one style means robbing students of what they may need.”

As a result YOGAMAZÉ 300 hours yoga teacher training is very broad as well as deep.

In short Trainees learn vinyasa and sequencing, as well as alignment-based yoga and philosophy. That means more trainee teachers get access to experienced teachers, and not just Noah. Heading up the anatomy curriculum is Dr. Paula Gelbart, a physical therapist. And Douglas Brooks, a scholar and professor of religion, leads the yoga philosophy curriculum.

“There is a lot to learn, and I want students to be informed, but also thoughtful and questioning what they have heard in order to make their own decisions,” says Noah.

“What is important to me is that teachers don’t come away from training parroting sound bites or New-Age quotes, but that they become critical thinkers and use yoga to explore their assumptions and be prepared to have their minds changed.”

300+ Hours Yoga teacher training

Do you have questions about the 300 hours yoga teacher teacher training, the modules or the guest teachers or want to request the application form?

Please write an email to ISABEL or call her: 030-447 18418



TT 2018 / 2019

YCBA International Intermediate / Advanced Teacher Trainings

with Noah Mazé

October 9 – 14, 2018 | January 8 – 13, 2019 | April 2 – 7, 2019 | June 25 – 30, 2019 | Sept 17 – 22, 2019

Five Modules per 6 days / daily 9 am– 6 pm (each module) Fee (complete training):
4200,- Euro / Early bird pay in one sum till June 30: 3800,- Euro

We accept “Bildungsprämie” and payment via installment (not for Early bird price)

Contact us via mail or phone 030-44718418

Level II / 340 Stunden
with Thomas Bessel & Sharada Devi

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