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Summer Acro and Dance Workshops with Micah Walters

Micah Walters is a master teacher of acrobatics, yoga and fitness. His passion for teaching comes from a deep connection with his body and a keen understanding of the physics of movement. Micah is also a certified yoga teacher, personal trainer and aerial pilates instructor. His motto on fitness is, “Find something that you love to do and that stimulates your mind and body together. Be embodied and play!” Outside of teaching, Micah works as a professional acrobat, aerialist and contortionist. His talent for performing comes from an extensive background in competitive gymnastics and dance. Students of Micah are dazzled by his mastery of skill and talent for communicating the subtleties of his secrets! This is Micah’s first time to Berlin and he is honored and excited to share his gifts at YogaCircle!

Flip, Split and Bend!

-Take your body on an exploration of elastic strength and push the limits on what is possible! This workshop combines acrobatics and flexibility to develop your physique from head to toe. Special focus on core and back strength help to balance elements of flexibility with stability. Students should expect to learn movements that defy gravity and improve technique and grace.
Fun up your handstand
-Learn fun new ways to balance on your hands. Gain the confidence in handstand that you always wanted! This workshop breaks down fundamentals of handstand with anatomical accuracy. Strength training in your upper body helps improve hand-balance. Flexibility training in your lower body helps develop creative shapes and transitions. Students should expect to sweat, have fun and make breakthroughs!

Dancing Splits

-Dance your way to more flexible legs in all directions! Stretch in new and exciting ways and learn how to balance with confidence. This workshops focuses on developing your splits in passive and active ways. Dance elements and simple choreography combine strength and fluidity to elongate the students legs and back. Students should expect to sweat, dance and have fun!

Acrobatic Core Love

-We all know that having a strong core is important. But, how? Get the core strength of a gymnast by developing the muscles that move and stabilize your spine. This 2 hour workshop explores core strength from the inside out using acrobatic movements and exercises. Students should expect to sweat and learn the secrets of core mastery!

Micah is visiting us with his husband Rocky Heron who is teaching our Yoga Teacher Training 200hours Intensive in August.
More information and registration: buero@yogacircle-berlin.de