New to Yoga or Pilates? Or new at the YogaCircle Berlin Acadamy? Welcome!


Starter Pass for Yoga Beginners

We recommend you to get our Starter Pass. For only 30 Euros you join one of our classes four times, no matter which studio, no matter which teacher, whether Yoga or Pilates. If you decide to stay longer with YogaCircle Berlin, there are also generous  Follow-up Specials. If you only want a single Dropin Class, you pay 20 Euros. You find our schedule here, if you want to know more about our prices and special tickets have a look here

The Starter Pass is available once in a lifetime (!). If you are joining a class with a teacher that you haven’t met before, please take the opportunity to check out if you have any physical impairments (knee, back, etc.).

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Are you a yoga beginner?

Thank you for reading these lines! Because yoga is doing well. Just try it out! You will experience a whole new body feeling. Get to know your muscles, but also enjoy the effects of deep stretches. Your body will thank you!

For beginners, our prevention courses Hatha Yoga I and Hatha II are particularly appropriate with health insurance. These can be found in our Prevention Course flyer.

In addition to the closed Prevention Classes, there are also the open “Yoga 0-1” and “Yoga I” classes, which you find in our schedule. Additionally we have the ambition to give something to our students, to feel good, to “move” and to relax. We take you on a trip through your whole body over a period of 9 weeks. So you can strengthen your body holistically, mobilize and experience it. In the Yoga I Class, you will learn the so-called “key-actions” in this 9-week rhythm – the targeted use of your muscles to stabilize your spine, shoulders and knees. In the Yoga I-II classes, the main asanas are then used in their basic form. With this knowledge you are fit for all other classes at YogaCircle Berlin. You can find them in our schedule.