Continuing Education

We in the YCBA care. About you, your growth as and into the incredible being you are and of course about your further education!

Do you want to learn and profit for your future life? Then look not only here, but also in our trainings and workshops. Or send us an email and do not hesitate to ask your questions:

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JORDAN BLOOM: Empowerment & Selfcare - Mobility (May 10 12, 2019)

MICHAEL J. STEWART: Shanta Vira Yoga Teacher´s Introduction (June 21 - 23, 2019)

ROCKY HERON: Masterclasses - "A Series to Excellence" (July 2 - 28 2019, tba)

MICHAEL J. STEWART: Shanta Vira Yoga Pranayama & Mantras (August 23 25, 2019)

JORDAN BLOOM: Yoga Therapeutics & Fascia Training (December 11 - 15, 2019)


There will be more!

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