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YOGAMAZÉ workshops are held all over the world. These programs are for dedicated students who want to explore postures in a meaningful, refined, methodical way and learn practical strategies for building strength, flexibility and focus. We provide the attention you need to help you achieve your personal goals in your physical practice. Morning asana sessions tend to be upbeat, with an emphasis on standing postures, backbends, arm balances and vinyasa flow. We turn inward as the sun wanes to forward bends, inversions and restorative postures. At lunch or break times you explore the city and all of its diversity of food and culture. You will leave with a deeper, more expansive practice, and know how best to grow in the context of your own limits and boundaries.

Open class and Workshop are usually offered during Noahs stays in Berlin at YCBA for his 300 hour TT Modules Friday afternoon 4.30 – 6 pm and Saturday afternoon 3 -6 pm

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Events - Michel Stewart with YCB Om Star


Shanta Vira Yoga (20h optional module)

July 6 – 8, 2018

Language: English.

Shanta Vira Yoga is a complete and total practice designed by Michael J. Stewart to invite every practitioner to engage in “actively being human.” Shanta Vira Yoga intends for each practitioner to embrace all of the qualities of being human with emphasis on the source and the fruit of the two words in its name, the calm courage of the peaceful warrior — “Shanta”- serene, and “Vira”- hero.

Participation Fee: 295,- Euro

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Jordan Bloom, Yoga Workshops


Empowerment & Selfcare (3 x 20h) /

In this day and age every appliance and machine comes with a user’s guide. Yet we as humans in all our complexity come without one. We learn and mature through mimicry assuming that those we copy have got it right. But what would happen if we did have access to a user’s guide. What would the possibilities be? How would life be different?

Part I: September 7th – 8th 2018

Part II: November 30th – Dezember 2nd 2018

Part III: Mai 10th – 12th 2019

Schedule: 9am – 6pm, sundays until 5pm

Participation Fee: 1000€ for all parts, 350€ each, Education Bonus possible

The seminar can be acknowledged as an optional module for the 340 hours Advanced Yoga Teacher Training.

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Yoga Therapeutics & Fascia Training (40h)

December 2019 hopefully again!

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