Open Classes

Open classes –
Hot, Focus and Vinyasa Flow

Open classes (see the course plan for latest changes): All classes can be attended without registration! You can pay prior to the class at the check in.

At our house in Stargarder Straße 25 changing rooms are on the 2nd floor. Either the floor is locked during class or someone is in the office. Please bring only things that are needed to the studio. We offer yoga mats for free, but suggest you bring your own towel. You can buy one at our studio as well. Please be on time and do not wear (too much) perfume.
Whether you buy a card or choose a monthly subscription – you are not bound to a fixed date but completely free. It makes sense, however, to orientate yourself on our levels.

Class description
At YogaCircle Berlin we have alignment orientated FOCUS classes as well as Vinyasa Flow. Our Hot Yoga is based on a fixed sequence by Noah Mazé and is taught with a room temperature of 30 degrees.
Within our open classes we want to challenge and support you physically at the same time. We choose a weekly topic to focus on a certain body part in all our classes.

Focus Yoga I and Yoga I-II
Learn Yoga systematically. In a rythm of 4 to 9 weeks you learn the main principles of alignment, range of application of your muscles and movement patterns (Yoga I) and the form of the main asanas (Yoga I-II) and get stronger every week. You can start whenever you want and stay as long as you like. And of course come back whenever you need.
Our Yoga I and Yoga I-II classes are suitable for beginners and people, who have gained experience in other yoga styles so far. It’s typical of our open classes, that beginner’s classes are challenging as well, to strengthen your body and develop a healthy and confident body awareness.

Focus Yoga II and II-III
If you join us for our Yoga II and II-III classes we assume that you have a certain body fitness and already learned about the yoga basics in our Yoga I and Yoga I-II classes. so you can practice more complex asanas with a lot of pleasure as well!

Vinyasa Flow
Flow through a energetic and soft or challenging practice, where movement and breath are coordinated.

Hot Yoga
Systematically learn the classic Hot Yoga Sequence of YogaCircle Berlin. A rounded sequence of all important asana groups for a holistic Yoga Experience! Hot Yoga is taught with a room temperature of about 30 degrees – the warmth is spread through our infrared panels and will make you sweat. Your immune system is strengthened, your lymphatic system is activated and your body evenly supplied with blood. Be prepared for that certain glow afterwards!

FrühYoga, MorgenYoga , Yoga sanft, Friday Night Flow, Yoga für Alle, Yoga all levels
These are all levels classes in the morning or evening for all of you, who need Yoga exactly at that time of the day. All classes are taught by graduates of your YogaCircle Berlin Academy as well as teachers with a background in Anusara Yoga. Come over and have fun!

Yoga für Junggebliebene 50+ / Yoga for the young at heart
A soft Yoga practice in the morning which mobilises your back.

Tantric Hatha Yoga
Tantric Hatha Yoga (created by Michael J. Stewart / Shanta Vira Yoga) is an all levels class for students, who want to understand and intensify the effects of Yoga! Connect your asana practice with mantras, mudras and breathing techniques to enhance your energy and relaxation.

Women only
We offer prenatal Yoga during pregnancy, Yoga postnatal where you can bring your baby, Yoga for hormonal balance and for woman who desire to have a baby. Open classes for women only with Sharada Devi and the YogaCircle-Team.