We call our Walk-In classes “Open Classes” = Offene Klassen.

This means that you are invited to just walk in any of those classes below.


Do not worry about

  • registering in advance
  • language (most of our teachers speak English, some even French and Spanish and Hungarian)
  • mats – we’ve got them there and you can use them for FREE


You might want to buy a ticket in advance though:

Mein YCBA Login – buche jetzt online


So here’ s the joy:


opening times:
We open the studios 20 minutes prior to all classes. You can buy your card at the check In and do not need to register in advance.

Most of our teachers speak English very well. So don’t hesitate to visit our German classes!

office hours:
Our friendly office ladies Gabi and Maria will answer all your questions about classes, monthly subscription, preventative courses and teacher trainings. You can find them at Stargarder Straße 25, backyard 2nd floor Monday – Friday from 9-13h and 15-19h. In urgent cases please contact them in advance via telephone 030-44718418 or via mail to make sure they are in the house.