Be brave and bold: Walk-in and join our classes!


Open Classes, Thomas Bessel in warrior 2

Do not worry about language issues – most of our teachers can support you even in more than one language!

Or join our English classes in the Schliemannstraße on Tuesdays and Thursdays with lovely Eva, who even offers French, Spanish and German (Austrian) support:





Align! I-II (Tuesday 1 – 2.15 pm)

Align! I-II (Thursday 1 – 2.15 pm)


For English support in German spoken classes come to classes with Maria (Pilates & Greek), Ulrike (prenatal Yoga), Sharada Devi, Laura, Lena, Vera, Anna… 

So, let´s go – check the schedule



No worries about:

  • registering in advance – just walk-in or buy your pass online
  • language (most of our teachers speak English, some even French, Spanish, Greek and Hungarian)
  • mats – we’ve got them there and you can use them for FREE


Opening times:
We open the studios 20 minutes prior to all classes. You can buy your ticket at the desk if you didn’t buy it already online in advance. No credit cards though!


Are you in? Then buy your pass online now and just walk into any class of your choice!

Our open classes are walk in classes: You do not need to register in advance. Buy your ticket online or directly before your class. If you have any questions, please ask the office at Stargarder Straße 25, backyard 2nd floor.

Mein YCBA Login

If you haven’t been to YogaCircle Berlin before you can buy our low price welcome card (4 classes in 4 weeks for 30 Euros). You can only buy it once in your lifetime!




You want to practice Yoga at least once a week? Then the monthly subscription is your friend! Inexpensive and straightforward!
Even with a monthly subscription you are free to choose between our open classes! You have 26 classes for a period of 6 months, which you can use whenever you want during this time. They expire after 6 months. Your subscription will renew for another 6 months automatically.