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At YCBA we are a world-class school for alignment-focused yoga education.

Rather than teaching a particular “style” of yoga, we offer a method: an approach based on alignment that provides a solid foundation for a beneficial long-term practice. This allows for a diversity that is very important to us. Whether in terms of physical practice or philosophy, we aim to share a number of perspectives, enabling our students to integrate what works for them and continue to grow on their own. This, to us, is true education, and it leads to empowerment.



YogaCircle Berlin Academy (YCBA) was founded by Sharada Devi and Thomas Bessel in 2008. With professional backgrounds in Sivananda Yoga, Pilates, and Ashtanga Yoga, as well as careers in law and sports medicine respectively, their two diverse paths converged at the Berlin Anusara Yoga Teacher Training in 2007.

With the aim of embracing different styles, integrating modern anatomical knowledge with thousand-year-old wisdom, and sharing a holistic approach to life, the pair chose to express their vision as a “Circle”: a centered, all-inclusive whole.

After its founding, YogaCircle Berlin quickly became one of the best-known Anusara studios in the German capital. Life is full of transitions, however, and the shock of the American Anusara scandal in 2012 gave way to a change in direction.

With new inspiration from Tantrika Michael Stewart (Shanta Vira Yoga) and scholar Dr. Douglas Brooks (Rajanaka Yoga), we embraced life in all its facets, and evolved into the school we are today.


YCBA Today

Today, YogaCircle Berlin Academy (YCBA) is proud to offer professional trainings and classes that are truly top of the line.

With guest teachers like Noah Maze, Jordan Bloom, and Dr. Douglas Brooks, we’re able to bring our most respected teachers to our students, while our daily open classes support a high-quality yoga practice.

Whether in our teacher trainings or in our open classes, we give our students our very best. In doing so, our mantra becomes our reality: we live our potential!