mit Rocky Heron, YOGAMAZÉ


Vinyasa Flow nach der YOGAMAZÉ – Methode


„This is cutting edge methodology – I am speechless and stand in awe!“

„Endlich: Eine Methode, wie ich Vinyasa Flow systematisch und Level-gerecht unterrichte!“


Übe täglich hochkarätige Vinyasa Praxis und lerne, lerne, lerne


mit dem symphatischsten aller Yoga-Wunder“kinder“, Rocky Heron:

YCBA Vinyasa Flow Teacher’s Intensive

mit Rocky Heron, YOGAMAZÉ


18. – 22.7.2018

(40 Stunden Wahlpflicht-Modul)

Englisch mit Übersetzung auf Zuruf 

Mi – So 9 – 18 Uhr



Buche dieses Training bis zum 15. Juni für 750,- Euro, danach 800,- Euro


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This five-day teacher enhancement intensive for existing yoga teachers will take your skills and your teaching career to new levels.

In this training, we will explore how to CREATE the experience of being in a FLOW STATE and use strategies and techniques to set your students up for SUCCESS.

Become an effective and powerful yoga teacher and the quality and integrity of your offering will be magnetic and magical.

Rocky Heron


Was Du lernen wirst:

WEDNESDAY, JULY 18 2018 | 10:00am-6:00pm
Form, Function & Flow: What every vinyasa teacher needs to know, organizing principles and essential skills, Level 1 focus
• What is vinyasa yoga? Etymology of vinyasa, definitions, historical context and contemporary vinyasa
• Organizational principles of vinyasa
• Vinyasa teaching strategies and skills
• Vinyasa sequencing
• Overview levels of vinyasa classes: Level 1, Mixed Levels, Level 2-3
• How to balance pose instruction with rhythm, pace and flow
• How to teach and not lose momentum and flow
• How to cue the breath and keep consistent rhythm
• Physical adjustments
• Demonstration techniques
• Environment: classroom organization, heat, light, music
• Seat of the teacher; how to hold the space of challenge and compassion
• How to begin class: arriving and settling poses
• How to introduce and teach seated ujayii pranayama
• Lesson planning: progressive sequencing for Surya Namaskara A
• Lesson planning: How to give effective Chaturanga Dandasana (modified) tutorial
• Lesson planning: Progressive sequencing for Surya Namaskara B

THURSDAY, JULY 19 2018 | 10:00am-6:00pm
Foundations of Flow: Effective and safe 60-minute level 1 classes continued
• Level 1 syllabus of poses
• Sequencing of level 1
• Difficult poses and transitions and common misalignments
• How to balance instruction with pace, rhythm and flow
• How to give effective (brief) postural demonstrations
• Modifications, options and prop use and other pose improvement strategies
• How to introduce and teach mula and uddiyana bandha
• How to create focus and provide recovery time during class
• Repetition; instructional round and 1 breath per pose round
• Lesson planning: progressive sequencing for Surya Namaskara C (standing pose linkings)
• Lesson planning: abdominal strengthening, arm balances and forward bends
• Lesson planning: basic backbends
• Closing postures, savasana and ending class

FRIDAY JULY 20, 2018 | 10:00am-6:00pm
Meaningful Boundaries: 75-minute mixed level vinyasa classes to PEAK POSE (backbend)
• Mixed level syllabus of poses; standing poses and backbends
• How to introduce and teach supine ujayii pranayama
• How to teach with meaningful options and stages for all levels of students
• How to teach handstand and forearm balance in mixed level vinyasa
• Mixed level strategies for Surya Namaskar, A, B & C
• How to never give up on improving chaturanga dandasana
• How to progressively prepare for safe and effective backbend peak pose classes
• How to introduce and teach nadi shodhana pranayama

SATURDAY JULY 21, 2018 | 10:00am-6:00pm
Meaningful Boundaries: 75-minute mixed level vinyasa classes to PEAK POSE (arm balance/hip opener)
• How to teach headstand in mixed level
• Mixed level syllabus of arm balances, hip openers and forward bends
• How to progressively prepare for effective arm balance/hip opener peak pose mixed level classes
• How to introduce and teach viloma pranayama, kumbaka

SUNDAY JULY 22, 2018 | 10:00am-3:00pm
Raise the Bar: 90-minute intermediate/advanced vinyasa classes PEAK SEQUENCE
• Intermediate/advanced syllabus of poses
• How and when (and when not to) to teach intermediate/advanced vinyasa
• How to increase the challenge and safely manage risk
• Set your students up for success; no curve balls, no surprises
• How to sequence intelligently for peak sequence
• Intermediate/advanced vinyasa transitions and skills
• How to teach kapala bhati pranayama
• How to effectively lead practice-style classes





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