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by | Oct 28, 2016 |

Empowerment and Self Care

with Jordan Bloom

In this day and age every appliance and machine comes with a user’s guide. Yet we as humans in all our complexity come without one. We learn and mature through mimicry assuming that those we copy have got it right. But what would happen if we did have access to a user’s guide. What would the possibilities be? How would life be different?


In this weekend we will learn:

  • The User’s Guide to the Human Body
  • The Biomechanics of the Spine
  • How to move from the “engines of the body”
  • Universal movement patterns for asana, sports and other movement modalities
  • How to become proficient and skilled movers


Why is your pelvis shaped the way it is? Why do we have such big butts? What are your calves for?

In this weekend we will go backstage to view the inner workings of the body and learn how bodies work and the story of how it came to be body. By studying the forms and functions of the different systems of our bodies we can understand how they work together to make movement possible. Join us in discovering the amazing story of the body and learning how to become the best most refined version of yourself.

In this weekend we will:

  • Learn the evolutionary story of how we came to be
  • Become our own master body engineer
  • Practice hardwired primal movements
  • Understand the interconnected systems of our bodies
  • Diagnose inefficient movement patterns and how to correct them


“I’ve been doing asana for years and my hips are still tight.” “My shoulders aren’t open even though I practice everyday.” “This pose always gives me trouble…” “What can I do about my aching back or my creaky knees?”

Sound familiar? Come break the code of your mobility and movement patterns and figure out how to take control of your own body to solve your own issues… Free your hips, free your mind and all those other stuck, junky bits.

In this weekend we will:

  • Become the “mechanic” for our own body
  • Optimize our motor control, strength and range of motion
  • Learn about the 3 ways we get stuck in our bodies
  • Diagnose your own mobility restrictions
  • Practice the latest techniques for improving mobility

Part I: September 7th – 8th 2018

Part II: November 30th – Dezember 2nd 2018

Part III: Mai 10th – 12th 2019

Schedule: 9am – 6pm, sundays until 5pm

Participation Fee: 1000€ for all parts, 350€ each, Education Bonus possible

The seminar can be acknowledged as an optional module for the 340 hours Advanced Yoga Teacher Training.

For more information and booking please contact us.